A Quaint Cup of Tea

 A Quaint Cup of Tea
  8x8 oil on canvas

A Cup of Happy

 A Cup of Happy
  18x18 oil on canvas

A Cup of Cheer

 A Cup of Cheer
(*custom orders welcome)
  5x7 oil on canvas

A Vintage Touch...Paintings in Oil by artist Lara Harris

Antique Chianti Bottle with Bright Red Tomato
  5x7 oil on canvas
  Strawberries on Sevres Plate
  8x10 oil on canvas
 Fresh Morning Jam
  11x14 oil on canvas
 The Blue Door
  5x7 oil on canvas

Bright & Cheery Paintings in Oil by artist Lara Harris

California State Floral
  18x24 oil on canvas
(*larger pieces can be paid for in installments...contact artist) 

 A Cup of Happy
  18x18 oil on canvas

Beauty in Simplicity

 Blue Jay Feather Study
  4x6 oil on canvas
Hummingbird Nest
  8x10 oil on canvas
 Five Feathers
  11x14 oil on canvas
Chickadee on Branches...Large Minimalist Art
  16x20 oil on canvas
 Large Blue Jay Feather Study
  12x24 oil on canvas
Large Owl Feather Study
  12x24 oil on canvas

Custom Wedding Keepsake Paintings in Oil by Lara Harris

*Great gift idea for brides, brides-to-be, and anniversary gifts!
*Create a grouping in your bedroom, closet/vanity area, or hallway....unique & personable!

Custom Wedding Dress Paintings in Oil

Bridal Bouquet Paintings

Bridal Shoe Paintings

   Mother/Daughter Dress Portraits

Mother/Daughter/Grandmother Dress Portraits

Wedding Couple Portraits
 (*example is of a portrait I completed for one of the 3 Founders of YouTube!)

(General Pricing:)

Dress Paintings
5x7  $55
8x10 $95 
11x14 $145
16x20 $275

Bouquet Paintings
5x7  $100
8x10 $195 
11x14 $275
16x20 $375

 *please contact artist regarding Couple Paintings, Front/Back of Dress, Mother/Daughter Dress Paintings, Mother/Daughter/Grandmother Dress Paintings, Shoes, Cake, Flower Girl etc

1) Dress (you can send photos or provide the dress name/style #)
2) Background Color
3) Stretched Canvas (or Canvas Panel if available)
**Please allow approx. 3-4 weeks for painting to be completed.

1) send 1-2 LARGE jpeg photos of your dress top to bottom either on you or a dress form
2) send dress name/style # (if available)
3) let me know if you want it painted on stretched canvas (can be hung as is or framed), or flat canvas panel (needs to be framed, frame not included)
**canvas panel is recommended for overseas customers
4) choose background color (*most go with the traditional greyish/blue)

1) initial sketch is completed within a few days & sent to customer
2) painting is loosely blocked in with color & an update is sent
3) after a few days drying time, the details are started....another update is sent
4) an update is sent approximately every 7-10 days until the piece is completed
(**PLEASE NOTE: I work on a number of pieces in rotation & try my best to send an update in a timely fashion)
5) the final image is sent & the painting dries (about 5-7 days)
6) painting is shipped, fully insured, & with tracking (within the US)
7) ALL SALES ARE FINAL~thank you! :)

*My work was recently featured in Metro Detroit Weddings!

*My work was featured on STYLE ME PRETTY (Sept 2012)

*My work was featured in Matthew Mead's HOLIDAY Magazine (Winter 2010)

*My work was recently mentioned in Flea Market Style Magazine (Summer 2010)

My work is in private collections throughout the United States, Canada,the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong.

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